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Excellence in technology, comprehensive warranties & after-sale support, and commitment to environmental sustainability—all at an affordable price.

SustainabilitySeiki supports environmentally sustainable practices during the design, manufacture, packaging and delivery of all Seiki products without compromising the overall value. And we don't stop there—our new LED TV's do not have the levels of lead, mercury and other volatile compounds found in most CRT and LCD TV's.


To aid in the safe disposal of CRT and older LCD TVs, Seiki offers FREE mail in and drop off options for our customers in the states below. For mor instructions on our mail in and drop off
options, please visit

Currently we are working to expand recycling efforts throughout our distributions areas, working in partnership with local governments and industry experts. You can do your part by recycling used consumer electronic items. Please contact your local municipality for information about how and where to recycle consumer electronics in your area.

Please visit for more information about our takeback program.


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